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Why is cybersecurity important?

Because of the statistics of 2020, more than 300k malware appears every day.
If earlier antivirus and firewall solved all the protection, now it is simply not applicable.

In addition to viruses, botnets, ransomware, new types of attacks such as Targeted Attacks, APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) are already gaining momentum, from which you can protect yourself with more intelligent means of protection.


Why is Anti-Fraud important?

Every year banks lose millions of dollars to fraud. Assess your risks and secure your business via detection and prevention of fraudulent transactions in payments
channels with the latest anti-fraud solution!


Why is DevOps important?

If you have continuous development, you want stability when publishing new services for your customers, then DevOps is the solution that you need for business continuity.
Timely transformation of IT services into the continuity of service provision will save your costs, reduce system downtime and dramatically reduce release failures.


Why is access control important?

With the increasing importance of systems and their differentiation, it becomes increasingly difficult to control.In order to eliminate in time or at least reduce the risks from the consequences of internal fraud, or from the consequences of the actions of a disloyal employee, it is necessary to implement biometric authentication systems.

Believe us, it's not difficult.


Why is certification important?

Because certification reduces your information risks by half.
Compliance with certification gives you more opportunities, a high reputation in front of your customers.


We are pleased to introduce you to the products and services produced and provided by GPOLICY's manufacturing partner.

Our manufacturing partner is one of the leading manufacturers of payment cards of international payment systems VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay and serves 200 banks from more than 10 countries.

The proposed chips have been certified by vendors of Openway, Compass +, BPC, Tieto card technologies.

EMV cards are available using chips from leading manufacturers Infineon, G + D, NXP, Idemia, XH and others.


Our manufacturing partner provides:

Excellent product quality
Personalization on any hardware
Reliability of magnetic tape and/or chip during usage
Professional project support, including exchange of design and payment systems
Waiting for productional dates

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How does it work?

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You send request with your issues
We analyze your infrastructure
We send you an audit report of quality

We offer several options for solving problems


If you decide to improve your environment we will give you various solutions to solve your issues.